Students in professor Anthony Ives zoology class

Welcome to Introductory Biology 151/153-152

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Introductory Biology (Biology/Botany/Zoology 151-152) is a two-semester, 10-credit sequence for students majoring in the biological sciences.

    • Introductory Biology 151/153 addresses concepts in cellular and molecular biology, genetics and mammalian anatomy and physiology.
    • Introductory Biology 152 addresses concepts in evolution and diversity of organisms, plant anatomy and physiology, and ecology.

To meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, our students need not only knowledge, but also the skills to use that knowledge, the responsibilities associated with using it and practice in the integration of that knowledge in new and complex ways.

*Introductory Biology 153 is a one-semester course designed for majors in Chemical and Biological Engineering and selected other engineering disciplines. The focus of the course is on exposing students to basic biological concepts and scientific thought processes. This course meets with Introductory Biology 151 and includes only the lecture (3 hours per week) and one required discussion section per week. Some engineering majors, e.g. Biomedical Engineering may be better served by taking 151 which includes a 3 hour/week lab.