Faculty and Staff

Our faculty come from a wide range of departments including Botany and Integrative Biology (L&S), Obstetrics and Gynecology (Medical School) and Forest and Wildlife Ecology (CALS).  Together they represent a broad range of scientific talent and biological expertise.

Our faculty and staff have worked together to develop a set of core learning goals designed to provide our students with:

  • a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts and knowledge base of modern biology
  • a coherent framework for understanding biology and
  • solid preparation for upper-level courses.

Faculty and Staff Directory

We have also been involved in development of a number of active learning methods for lecture, discussion and lab that provide further opportunities for our students’ growth in the thought processes and research skills that are integral to the process of science.

The growth in enrollment of the course over the past 10-12 years and the necessary increase in number of required faculty and staff have made it useful for us to develop a structural framework to facilitate course administration and to oversee the coordination of course goals and direction. Toward this purpose, we have elected a chair to provide coordination among sections and between 151/3-152 and campus. Lecture-section chairs have been named to provide coordinating roles within lecture sections. In addition, Department of Integrative Biology staff provide administrative support, equipment maintenance, purchasing and other types of support on behalf of the campus biology community.