IP Learning goals (old)

Research skills: Upon completion of the independent project students should be able to:

  1. Develop a testable biological research question
  2. Propose reasonable approaches to address or explore a biological question
  3. Find, analyze, interpret, and evaluate (a) key information and data from primary literature and (b) novel research data, if applicable
  4. Use logic and scientific evidence to support an argument, draw conclusions and/or construct and update a biological model
  5. When research evidence is inconclusive or limited, propose reasons and suggest future research to resolve the issue and/or extend the research
  6. Draw connections to societal issues and propose practical applications for knowledge gained through biological research

Written and Oral Communication skills: Upon completion of your independent project students should be able to:

  1. Use the appropriate format and style for scientific writing in primary literature
  2. Devise and confidently deliver clear written and oral proposals and reports
  3. Target and engage an audience or reader through:
    1. relevance, tone and appropriate language choices
    2. a concise and logical organization of information and ideas for greatest impact
  4. Diagram information by selecting or constructing figures and images
  5. Evaluate peers’ written and oral communication