151-152 Lecture Overview

Students in professor Anthony Ives zoology class

Introductory Biology 151/3-152 lectures introduce students to key concepts in the following major topic areas of biology.

Introductory Biology 151/3

  • cellular and molecular biology
  • genetics
  • mammalian anatomy and physiology

Introductory Biology 152

  • plant anatomy and physiology
  • evolution and diversity of organisms
  • ecology

Focusing on these key areas, the faculty/staff of Introductory Biology 151/3-152 have developed both:

  1. a set of core learning objectives for each of area and
  2. a variety of active learning activities and lecture formats designed to help students meet these objectives.

The methods to facilitate student learning may vary slightly among sections. For example, one section may use case studies in lecture extensively. Another may present concepts in a more traditional lecture format, then use active-learning exercises in discussion.

Nevertheless, concentration on the Overarching Goals and core learning objectives maintains consistency among the different sections of the course. As a result all lecture sections provide students a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts as well as a coherent framework for understanding biology. (See Sample Syllabi for 151/153 and 152.)

photo of lecture in ag hall